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Information and Communication

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The school curriculum leverages on the use of ICT to develop our Montfortians to be future ready. The key tenets driving our Future Ready Curriculum are : 

  • Preparing our students for the uncertain future economy.
  • Equipping them with the necessary soft skills: curiosity, creativity, working in teams, communication, resilience, dare to fail attitude.
  • Exposing them to emerging technology.
  • Equipping them with technical skillset to work with tools and craftwork. 
  • Encouraging them to be environmentally friendly and resourceful. 

The core program that we have in place is our Computational Thinking Program (CTP). The CTP spreads over 6 years and our students are exposed to coding and are provided with opportunities to apply their coding knowledge to work on projects that range from robotics, drones, app design, hackathons and projects. The coding knowledge is also weaved into other subjects such as Maths and Science.  

Testing out their program according to Mathematics problem

The school continues in developing teachers’ competency to leverage on the use of ICT to bring about more engaged learning and to develop the 21st century competencies in our pupils. Our pupils’ learning has also been extended through the active use of a wide variety of E-learning platforms. Students are encouraged to be independent learners and take ownership of their own learning. As the use of ICT becomes more pervasive, the school has also stepped up its effort in the promotion of Cyber-wellness programme. Cyber Wellness programme extended beyond classroom discussions during Form Teacher Guidance Periods and assembly talks, the Cyberwellness Ambassadors also set up booth in canteen to advocate on Cyber Wellness. These are part of the values education to develop pupils to be more discerning and responsible ICT citizens.

Pupils engaging using the iPADs


Lesson using Plickers

Boys at work during Computational ThinkingPutting their programming to the test
Boys at work during Computational Thinking lesson.JPGPutting their programming to test.JPG

Virtual Reality in our classroom
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P6 Hackathon using Micro:bit 2017



Zach Shelby, CEO of Micro:bit Foundation, interacting with our P6 Hackathon boys.

We believe in Creative and Innovative learning