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National Staedler Art Competition
Congratulations to Majesty of class 5 Compassion for winning 3rd prize in the National Staedler Art Competition.

Singapore Youth Science Fair
Four months of science investigation efforts paid off for our students from 5 Compassion. They received 1 distinction and 2 commendation awards at the Singapore Youth Science Fair. Congratulations! We are so proud of you.

National Coding Competition
Our P4 boys did us proud at the National Coding Competition. They took a silver and a bronze medal. Great job!

Using technology to make learning fun.
Our HOD for Mathematics was invited to Capital958 to share on air.

Hari Raya Celebration
Our pupils were very engaged with the performance! They had the opportunity to learn about the cultural significance and meaning of Hari Raya Puasa. They also shared cookies with their classmates during this festive season.

International Dance boys showcased their SYF item at Bukit Panjang...
To celebrate youth dance, exuberant energy and dynamic vigour, our International Dance boys showcased their SYF item at Bukit Panjang Plaza on 30 Jun Saturday. Our boys had once again awed our audience with their energy and power! Great job, boys!

What's tinkering these days at our Tinkershop?
Cardboard sculpting workshops and marble machine wall challenge. Cardboard sculpting workshops and marble machine wall challenge. Do look out for more workshops and put your creativity into action!

Racial Harmony day 2018
The RHD celebrations are a reminder that promoting social cohesion and racial harmony requires collaborative efforts from everyone. Eating together, sharing food, creating artwork and playing games; help to foster understanding and co-operation.

Nanrui Experimental School's visit 2018.
On 16 & 17 July, our school hosted 5 staff and 45 students from Nanrui Experimental Primary School as part of their immersion programme. They sat in for some lessons and were introduced to Montfort�s niche in Sports and Makers� Programme.

Flag Day 2018
Through flag day, the boys get a chance to raise money for those who need help. Our vision is for every boy to be a compassionate and discerning individual who is a scholar, sportsman, gentleman, leader and ABOVE ALL, a MAN FOR OTHERS.

Boy-Centric Education
Boy-Centric Education (BCE) is the Teaching and Learning framework of MJS. Our teachers are skilled to know the boys – our learners, and we aim to provide a fun-enriching learning experience for them.

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