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International Dance Club

Our dance curriculum will:
  • allow students to develop a strong foundation in dance
  • explore the different dance styles such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Breakdancing, bboy floor work, ethnic dances etc. 
  • create opportunities for them to work together as a team and as a dance club. 
  • build up the students’ self-confidence
 An experienced instructor has been engaged to conduct the lessons. Many performance opportunities will be created for your son to perform on stage for special occasions like Founder’s Day, Prize-giving Day and other local competitions.

CCA Schedule




Pri 1 and 2



Pri 3 and 4



Pri 5 and Pri 6



8.10 – 9.40 am


Programme Highlights/updates for 2017

SYF 2018


2016 was a busy but fulfilling year for our International Dance members. Our dancers took part in many school based as well as community based performances. Besides school assembly, our dancers performed at Serangoon SMRT station as well as AWWA Dementia Day Care Centre in efforts to reach out to the community. The International Dance is proud to perform for Montfort’s inaugural PAM Night, where we celebrated and showcased our pupils’ learning. We were very privileged to be a part of Montfort’s Centennial Celebration as we perform for the Homecoming Dinner held in Fairmont Hotel on 19th November 2016. 


Mrs Lee Yoke Leng
Mdm Lim Eu Eu lim_eu_eu@moe.edu.sg
 Mrs Alicia Chia alicia_bernice_gomes@moe.edu.sg

CCA Events


Body Conditioning

·         Building, strengthening and conditioning of physique

·         Educating the right muscle usage and increasing body awareness

·         Cultivate discipline through repetition of exercises and forming good habits

Dance Techniques

·         Application and understanding of muscles built in the conditioning process

·         Increase body awareness towards dance lines and form

·       Repetition of sets to build muscle memory and movement familiarity

Dance Choreography

·         Trains one to be a skilled and strong performer

·         Builds confidence leading up to competitions/performances/SYF

·          Builds teamwork

Photo Gallery

International Dance members posing for a shot before their performance on PAM Night. IMG_0598.JPG

Dab on while we are strong. 

Montfort Centennial Homecoming Dinner 19/11/16IMG_3585.JPG

MJS International Dancers watching SYF Street dance showcase.SYF Showcase LJ.jpg