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1.  Good News! 
Montfort Junior will be starting a Student Care Centre next year.  All existing students of Montfort Junior are invited to apply, but priority of admission will be given to the following:

a) Singapore Citizens and PRs
b) P1 to P4 students whose parents are both 
c) Students who are assessed by the school to have a greater need

Application forms have been handed to P1 to P5 pupils so, do take the form and have a look and register! 

Please register by 17 November (Friday) and you will receive the confirmation by 
24 November (Friday)

2. Click here to make appointments for Parent-Child Teacher Conference 2017.

3. Primary 5 Class 2017 is now available. Click here to view.

4. Montfort Junior School will be adopting a 3G/4G/WIFI enabled smartphone communication APP with effect on 04/01/2016. With SNAAPP, parents will receive PDF attachment, multilingual message notification and event notification such as e-consent form from the school. Click the following (Parents' Overview, Instructions) for more information. For technical help call: 6815 1210

5. Please click here to access the guidelines for Montfort Junior School's Homework Policy.

6. For more information on home based e-learning please click here .