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P1200032.JPG Learning Science in Montfort Junior is to develop a spirit of inquiry, and a heart to serve and contribute.   
We design Experiential Learning Experiences, to help our boys understand science beyond the textbooks. IMG_3626.JPG

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Montfort Junior Scientific Inquiry Programme
A programme distinctively designed for boys, undergirded by the MJS ‘ approach of Boy-centric Education. Every P3 to P6 boy experiences a series of inquiry activities that help to bring concepts ‘alive’ in their daily science lessons.
 E.g - Making a boat
- Lab investigations
- Exploration in the School Gardens
- Growing Rainbow Corn
- Online Argumentation using Concept Cartoons
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Science Talent Management Programme
To ensure that boys who have an aptitude in Science, are provided with opportunities to develop their strengths, the Science Talent Management programme is intentionally designed, to encourage these boys to venture beyond content in the science textbooks.
Science Excellence
Boys with a keen interest in science, is also supported to nurture their interest, through participation in various science enrichment programmes.

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Core Science Curriculum

Science Syllabus P3 - P6

Living and   non-living things
- Materials
- Life cycle of plants and animals
- - Magnets -
P4 - - matter
- Human Digestive System
- Plant System
- Heat and Temperature 
- Light
P5   - - Reproduction in plants and animals
- Water 
- Respiratory and Circulatory Systems in plants and human
- Cell System
- Electrical System 
P6  - - Forces
- Environment 
- Energy
- Conversion
- Photosynthesis