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P1200032.JPG Learning Science to every Montfortian is to develop his spirit of inquiry, serving and giving.  
We emphasize on the Experiential Learning through P1 and P2 MJ Evolution
- Diversity of Animals
- Life Cycle of a Butterfly
- Magnets
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The Experiential Learning continues from P3 to P6 through the MJ Inquiry Programme.
 E.g - Making a boat
- Lab investigations
- Exploration in the School Gardens
- Growing Rainbow Corn
- Online Argumentation using Concept Cartoons
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Our Science Talent Management Programme (from P4 to P6) seeks to stretch our students' great potential in science through customised lessons which tap on their problem-solving and higher-order thinking and process skills.
- Science Excellence 200                
(E2K) Programme 
- Science Busker's Festival
- Experiential Learning Using Lego
- Singapore Youth Science Festival

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Core Science Curriculum

Science Syllabus P3 - P6

Living and   non-living things
- Materials
- Life cycle of plants and animals
- Matter
- -
P4 - -
- Human Digestive System
- Plant System
- Magnets  - Heat and Temperature 
- Light
P5   - - Reproduction in plants and animals
- Water 
- Respiratory and Circulatory Systems in plants and human
- Cell System
- Electrical System 
P6  - - Forces
- Environment 
- Energy
- Conversion
- Photosynthesis