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Physical Education

Mr Leong (HOD CCA) 1I,1S,1T,2H,3C,3S,4H,5C1,5C2,5T
Mrs Shirley Foo (HOD PE) 2R,2I,2S,6C,6H,6S2
Mr Nizam 2C,2T,2E,3H,3R,4C,5I 
Mr Taufiq 4R,4I,5H,5R,6R,6I,6S1 
Mr Chan Wei Hao 1C,1H,1R,3I,5S 
Mr Andy    
Mr Ramadhan (SSPE)  


MJS is one of the schools to embark on the Pathfinder Project by PESTA.
MJS is part of the Pathfinder Project by PESTA to raise the quality of PE in schools. MJS PE Teachers and pupils presented a demo lesson to show how higher levels of engagement in PE can be achieved at the PE & Sports Conference held on 31 July 2013. Channel News Asia covered the news and some of our MJS boys were featured in the report. 

PE Assesment

The PE assessment this year was conducted during the SA1 examinations period.  The pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 6 were tested on various fundamental movements and games skills that were taught during their PE lessons in Semester 1.

NAPFA test

For more information on NPFA Click  HERE .

In Montfort Junior School, we believe in a holistic education for every child. Hence physical education is just as important as any other subject. From day one in Primary one till Primary six, each Montfortian is provided with wholesome physical education to instill in them the life-long belief in leading a healthy and sporting lifestyle.

Beginning from 2003, all Primary one classes enjoyed a series of beginning gymnastics lessons conducted by professional instructors. The instructors are engaged to ensure that our pupils are educated properly in gymnastics movements and activities. In doing so, our lower primary pupils are better prepared for other sporting activities when they are older.

The upper primary pupils, on the other hand, are taught games such as soccer, volleyball, teeball (a lead-up game to softball), touch rugby and badminton. Our pupils are taught both games concepts and skills to help them understand and play the game better.

The Montfortian values are also taught directly or indirectly during PE lessons. Our pupils learnt to be motivated, responsible, and thoughtful and above all, to play as team in any activities. 

P4 Camp

The P4 boys had their overnight camp experience and it was an unforgettable journey. The highlights have to be the rock climb and their first sleepover in school. They certainly look forward to next year’s outdoor P5 camp!

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