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Physical Education

We strongly believe that PE plays an integral part in our boys-centric environment. We provide our boys with various learning opportunities that make use of movement to develop the whole child in them. PE is just as important as all other subjects. Beyond the skills and knowledge, we have weaved our school’s CHRISTE values into our PE curriculum to develop our boys’ character building through sports.

Our PE curriculum focuses on developmentally appropriate physical activities within the 6 learning areas:
  • Athletics (From Primary 3)
  • Dance · Games and Sports
  • Gymnastics
  • Outdoor Education
  • Physical Health and Fitness

The sports platform provides many teachable moments for our students to learn about resilience, teamwork and other life skills. The 5Cs application of mental toughness skills like composure, concentration, confidence, cope-ability and cohesion are useful life skills for the 21st century pupils as they learn to cope with different challenges and stressors in life. We hope to impart pupils, through our Mental Toughness Training programme, skills that will be of relevance in the different aspects of learning beyond sports involvement. Many of these skills will be taught using the play-based approach to create experiential learning in our boys-centric environment.

It is our aim to involve every Montfortian in our PE curriculum with a range of engaging physical and sporting experiences to enable each one to develop health and skill-related fitness in and out of school. We hope to instill in them the life-long belief in leading a healthy and sporting lifestyle.

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NAPFA test

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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Developing Montfortians with CHRISTE values through sports

Montfort Junior School has a rich history and support to anchor our development of character in our boys. Our mission as a Catholic school, guided by our CHRISTE values and spirituality, we nurture each individual to realize his potential and inspire him to be a Man for others. We also envisage every Montfortian as a scholar, a sportsman, a leader, above all a man for others.  

Badminton has been our prominent sport and a strong tradition for many years. With that sporting tradition, our school has also developed a strong sporting structure to support our boys’ involvement in other sports as well. We see all sports as opportunities for our boys to pursue excellence in both their physical performance and character.  The LLP will leverage on the existing CCE frame work to incorporate the CHRISTE values.