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Tamil Language

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Mrs Yanasagaran
(Subject Head ML&TL)

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Ms Vijayan Mrs Sampath  Mdm Anparasi
Our Tamil Language department believes in inspiring our students and extending their potential.We are determined to commit our efforts to lead each student to discover his potential in different aspects of language through various programmes.

Mrs Yanasagaran
Ms Vijayan
Mdm Suguna 
Mdm Anparasi   

Programme Highlights

Poet and Poetry (P1 to P4)

To enhance appreciation and fluency in poetry reading. Pupils should be able to appreciate and read simple poems with good pronunciation, expression and voice modulation.

Script Writing and Dialogues (P3 to P6)

Script Writing and dialogues – Pupils to be exposed to various styles of script writing. To enhance vocabulary and grammar for certain script writing and dialogue styles.  

Theatre Therapy (P5 and P6)

To expose pupils to the correct using of Brain Power, memorizing technique and various styles of script writing. 

Reading Mums and Story Telling

Conducted by parent volunteers to help students to improve on their reading and comprehension skills.  


Montfortians take part in various internal and external competitions which include singing, essay writing, storytelling etc. These competitions provide them with a platform to showcase their talents and boost their confidence.


Learning Journey

P4 boys were brought on Pongal field trip to Little India to learn about Pongal Festival. Using the information gathered from this trip students wrote an essay on the relevant topic.

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Our P1 & P2 Tamil pupils went on an outdoor education trip to Punggol Waterway . This provided our pupils with an authentic outdoor learning experience which gave them an opportunity to talk about their outdoor activities at the park during TL lessons.

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Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight

In conjunction with Mother Tongue Fortnight (MTF) programme introduced by ministry of education, MJS Tamil department has organized a variety of learning activities such as iconic dress up, poetry writing, public speaking for our boys. The objectives of MTF are:
  • To create the platform for students to experience their Mother Tongue as a “living language”
  • To encourage them to participate actively so as to enhance their knowledge and talents.
  • To provide opportunities to improve their spoken second language
  • To facilitate better understanding of the Indian culture and arts amongst Tamil pupils
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