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Tamil Language

Our Tamil Language department believes in inspiring our students and extending their potential.We are determined to commit our efforts to lead each student to discover his potential in different aspects of language through various programmes.

Mission – Winning Hearts and Nurturing Minds

To imbibe in MJS pupils the love for the Tamil Language, Indian culture and tradition through instructional and enrichment programmes.

Enrichment Programmes:

To allow each pupil to discover his fullest potential through the enrichment programmes.  These customised programmes seek to build their confidence in using the Tamil language and enhance their talents in speech and drama, singing playing an instrument, etc.
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Bi MTL week activities:

Mother Tongue Fortnight is part of the long tradition that MJS has in celebrating the Tamil Language and embracing its culture. Every year, we introduce different aspects of the Indian culture and tradition to the students such as traditional games, folk dance, classical dance, literature etc. In 2019, the theme was on “Poets and Poetries”. Through these rich learning activities’ the pupils learn to appreciate the language and culture and have hands-on activities such as hand- made mask, puppet making and pot painting.

Learning Journey:

We organise learning journeys for the students to provide joyful and enriching experiential activities.  These learning journeys are planned according to the current syllabus so that pupils not only experience real life, authentic situations, but also learn and understand interactive skills and widen their general knowledge.