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Chinese Language

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Our Vision:

A proficient user of Chinese Language who understands and appreciates the Chinese culture.

Our Approaches:

Differentiated lessons and worksheets
Provide Experiential Learning
Timely assessments and feedback

Key Programmes

  1. PERI Holistic Assessment (Primary 1 & Primary 2)
  2. MSSR (Model Sustained Silent Reading Programme)
  3. Cultural Programme Exposure Scheme (theatre experiences for selected pupils)
  4. World Reading Week
  5. P1 & P2 Poetry Recitation Workshop
  6. P3 Chinese Cultural Workshop
  7. P4 Speech and Drama Workshop
  8. ICT based lessons
  9. National/School-based Competition
  10. Chinese New Year Celebration
  11. Mother Tongue Fortnight
  12. P1 - P4 YCT (for selected pupils)
  13. P6 - HSK (for selected pupils)
  14. P6 CCM ( Conversational Chinese and Malay)
  15. P3 - P6 Supplementary & Remediation Programmes

Photo Gallery

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