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Chinese Language

Statement / Vision:
To inculcate our students to appreciate the Mother Tongue Culture and pervasive users of the Language.

Highlights / Key focus for 2017 & 2018

1. PERI Holistic Assessment (Primary 1 & Primary 2)  
2. MSSR (Model Sustained Silent Reading Programme) 
3. Cultural Programme Exposure Scheme (CPES) 
4. World Reading Week 
5. P1 & P2 Poetry Recitation Workshop
6. P3 Chinese Culture Workshop 
7. P4 Speech and Drama Workshop 
8. ICT based lessons  
9. National/School-based Competition 
10. Chinese New Year Celebration 
11. Bi-Mother Tongue week  
12. P3 – P5 Young Reporters Workshops   
13. P3-P6 Supplementary & Remediation Programmes

Awards / Achievements (2016)

得奖名次 Prize Award
Name in English  组别 Category
金奖 Gold Prize 4C 吴勇霖 DESTON NG YONG LAM  小学中年级 (Middle Primary)
金奖 Gold Prize 5H 庄睿铭 CHING RUI MING  小学中年级 (Middle Primary)
金奖 Gold Prize  6C  张天意  EMMANUEL SUNARTIO  小学中年级  (Upper Primary)
银奖 Silver Prize  2H 谢毅蒽  IAN CHIA YI EN  小学中年级  (Lower Primary)
银奖 Silver Prize  3H 张诚育  MARCUS TEO CHENG YU  小学中年级  (Lower Primary)

参赛证书 Title of Cert 中文姓名 英文姓名 组别  Category
参赛证书(小学低年级) Certificate of Participation 3R 吴国彰 NG KWOK CHANG 小学低年级  (Lower Primary)
参赛证书(小学低年级) Certificate of Participation 3C 林凯傑 KEITH LIM KAI JIE 小学低年级  (Lower Primary)
 参赛证书(小学低年级)  Certificate of Participation  4I 陈乐乐  KEAGAN TAN LE LE  小学低年级  (Middle Primary)
 参赛证书(小学低年级)  Certificate of Participation  5C 王俊勇  JOEL ONG  小学低年级  (Middle Primary)
 参赛证书(小学低年级)  Certificate of Participation  6C 大卫  REUBEN DAVID LOUIS  小学低年级  (Upper Primary)
 参赛证书(小学低年级)  Certificate of Participation 6H 孙啓瑞  SNG KEE RUI  小学低年级  (Upper Primary)

Department Teachers

Miss Ng Chin Ngoh, Miss Toh Peng Peng, Mdm Christina Lee,  Mdm Ngo Seoh Chwee, Mdm Lo Siew Yee, Mdm Xu Lu Pin, Mdm Lim Eu Eu, Mr Che Jian, Mdm Lim lie Geck, Mdm Lim Guek Kim,  Mr Alfred Leong Kan Sung, Mr Neo Giap Hong, Miss Lim Teng Teng

Photo Gallery

Chinese Knot making
Chinese Knot making.JPG

Blow Painting
IMG_Blow Art Painting (2).JPG
IMG_Blow Art Painting.JPG
Fan Art
IMG_Fan Art painting.JPG

P6 Chinese Idioms Competition

P6 Chinese Idoms Competition.JPG

Rod Puppet Making
Rod puppet making.JPG

World Reading Week
World Reading Week.JPG