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Programme Highlights

Our Curriculum

The Mathematics curriculum emphasizes on conceptual understanding, skill proficiencies and thinking skills in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Students are given opportunities to discover, reason and communicate their understanding of the mathematics concepts and problem solving techniques.  Engaging in group activities, exploratory work and discussions that allow them to make connections, pupils will understand the Mathematical concepts better and apply their learning to real life situation.


Learning Mathematics in Montfort Junior is fun, engaging and exploratory!

Explore with ICT
Students explore mathematical concepts using various ICT tools in the classroom. From using AR Apps in iPads to Sphero and Ozobot, Math lessons are never dull and boring!


Activity based Learning
Students also get to learn Mathematics by exploring, doing and working together. They get to see and hear what our friends think and get to explain what we think too.
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Learn Mathematics Thru’ Play
In Montfort Junior, we are keen to help students learn Mathematics in a fun and engaging way and to provide opportunities to promote critical thinking, collaboration and creativity. Learn mathematics thru’ play allows MJS students to apply mathematical concepts and critical thinking skills in solving interesting problems such as solving different puzzles to unlock the Breakout EDU boxes, coding to programme and move spheros and ozobots.
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Our Talent Management Programme (TMP) and Talent Support Programme (TSP) are catered to the learning needs of our students.

TMP stretches the high progression group by giving them more exposure to higher order learning tasks.

TSP, including the learning support for mathematics (LSM), provides more help to the low progression group, enabling them to learn at their own pace.


Math Performance Assessment (Primary 1 to 6)

The Math Performance Assessment (MPA) is an assessment to monitor their progress and understanding. From these Formative Assessments (hands-on or written), teachers are able to clarify pupils’ misconceptions and close the learning gaps.

Learning Support for Mathematics : LSM (Primary 1
This programme supports the Lower Primary pupils who have some difficulty in basic numeracy skills. Pupils at P1 are identified through the School Readiness Test. Smaller sized classes are conducted to help these pupils leverage on their learning through hands-on experiences using varied activities.