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Montfort Schools Sport Excellence Programme (MSPEX)

Developing life-long sportsmen
                                                     with strong fundamentals,                                                                  
                                                                                               always striving for excellence.
A program made possible with the kind support from the Catherine and Peter Tay Excellence Fund.

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Why are we starting MSPEX?

Montfort Schools have always placed a strong focus on sports, not just for the purpose of developing elite sportsmen, but sports provided a platform for us to promote our school values.

Both Montfort Junior and Montfort Secondary schools have a good track record in developing student athletes that have gone on to play the sport at a higher level.

So what is MSPEX all about?

MSPEX is a comprehensive sporting excellence program that seeks to develop our sportsmen with a holistic and broad based approach. This program serves to develop our student athletes in an age appropriate and developmentally sound approach that is grounded on principles of elite sportsmen development.

Fundamentally, the Junior School will start off with a broad based exposure to a wide variety of sports for all students. Based on interest and aptitude, students may then pursue their chosen area at a higher level. Our student athletes will then be systematically developed and provided with opportunities to pursue their chosen sport at a higher level with greater confidence and competence.  

Research has shown that it takes 10 years for a talented athlete to achieve a certain level of expertise, 8 to 12 years to reach elite levels, 13 to 15 years to develop to excel on an international arena. Our MSPEX programme taps on the uniqueness of our two schools to provide a One Montfort experience, providing 10 years of seamless training and development opportunities, undergird by a common philosophy and approach.

The MSPEX adopts the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) as our sports developmental approach. Our program will be structured along key stages of development: 
  • FUNdamental (ages 6 – 9)
  • Learning to Train (ages 9 – 12),
  • Training to Train (ages 12 – 16),
  • Training to Compete (ages 16 – 23), Training to Win (ages 19+)
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The MSPEX Programme will emphasize on 6 key areas of focus:
  • Sports Psychology
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Fitness and strength conditioning
  • Biomechanics and performance analytics
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Values, ethics and leadership

While all 6 areas will be available to all sports teams, each individual team will undergo appropriate modules at the appropriate time and complexity as decided by the program manager, teachers and coaches. The modules may also be offered to individual athletes as appropriate.

Besides the identified areas, other activities such as Master Classes, Sports Leader camps, alumni and other sports personalities motivational talks will be organised. 
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It takes a community to nurture our sportsmen!

We recognise that developing our young Montfortians to be sportsmen par excellence, we cannot do it alone. We need the assistance of our community to ensure the success of our MSPEX program. We are privilege to have a team of experts, comprising of academia, sportsmen, coaches, business leaders and organisational leaders to serve on our Advisory Council. Our team of teachers and coaches work closely together to monitor and implement the program and most importantly, we require the close support from parents. Working together, we will develop our young sportsmen to be the best that they can be. Age Quod Agis.

Our Advisory Council

Mr Carl de Vries
Founder, Athletic Inc
Former National Bowler

Mr Jimmy Lee
Lecturer, School of Sports Health and Leisure,
Republic Polytechnic

Mr Lyon Lai
Program Chair, Diploma in Health Management and Promotion
Republic Polytechnic
Montfort Alumni

Mr Andy LoeSenior manager, Student Life @ Yale-Nus College
Montfort Alumni

Mr Azhar YusofHead, Coach SG
Parent of a child in MJS
Mr Chua Yong JooEx National Chief Coach for Singapore Badminton Association
Former National Badminton
Montfort Alumni
Dr Koh Koon Teck
Associate Professor
Head, Physical Education Sports Science, NIE, NTU. 
Chairman of International Bowling Federation (IBF), global coach education pathway 
Member of Technical Commission for FIBA 
Executive Board member for Asia Association of Coaching Science 
President, SPEA