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Our Vision

Develop confident teachers and pupils who will teach and learn the English language with a passion. They must also be equipped with the skills not only to achieve excellence in English but be innovative, creative and dare to take the language beyond the walls of their classrooms.

General Aims and Rationale
The aims of teaching the English Language in the primary school are to enable pupils to:
  • acquire the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing to achieve functional literacy
  • learn to use English for social communication, acquisition of knowledge and personal development
  • use English Language creatively and for developing thinking skills and IT skills 
  • enable the learning of other subjects in the curriculum including National Education

To inculcate a love for reading and to have a strong foundation in theEnglish Language,
Montfort Junior School has implemented STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading programme) for the whole school.

In this programme, teaching and learning of English is carried out using more speaking and listening activities. Our pupils learn reading and writing using rich and interesting books, with discussions led by the teacher.

This programme focuses on children's interaction rather than on teacher talk, explicit instruction of grammar and early literacy skills while providing a rich language environment through the use of a variety of print and non-print materials which will be provided by the school.

Please visit here to read more on STELLAR.

Shared Book Approach (SBA)

There are two parts to the Shared Book Approach. In SBA 1, the teacher introduces and shares a Big Book with the pupils. In SBA 2, the teacher teaches grammar and vocabulary explicitly, including concepts of print and phonics using the Big Book that was used in SBA 1. There are also a range of follow-up activities such as drama and art and craft for pupils to carry out.

Use of Lego for Story Writing
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Monthly Library Activities
The programme aims to build a reading culture amongst our pupils as it will greatly benefit them in their English Language oral and written skills. Books of different genres have been specially selected to expose pupils to awide range of reading materials. In this programme, classes will rotate boxes of books within the level. The pupils will be reading these books daily at stipulated times.

There is also a new section in our library that caters to the Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils so as to start the pupils early in their love for reading.

Inculcating the love of reading
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