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Table Tennis

Table Tennis CCA intends to provide students with an opportunity to experience the game. We have both the School Team and Recreational group to cater to pupils who want to participate competitively and for leisure.

The School Team is proud to have experienced coaches who provide rigorous training to hone the skills of our pupils. Opportunities are always available for school team players to participate in school and other competitions.   

The Recreational Table Tennis team provides a platform for members to play leisurely and develop their skills.


 All face to face CCA is suspended till 23rd July.

Please take note that NO HARD COPY of training schedule will be given anymore.
Please visit the school website: for training schedules.


Mdm Zhu Jiayi
 Mrs Tan Pei Long

Programme Highlights / Updates for 2021

We would be participating in the following:

i) North Zone Individual/Team Table Tennis Championship 

ii) Crocodile Cup

Awards /  Achievements (2018)

DivisionNorth Zone
North Zone Junior Team3rd Runners-Up

CCA Events

North Zone Tournament


Pupils to pit their learned skills against other participants.
Pupils to apply the CHRISTE values and practice sportsmanship during the games.


School Hall

Gallery of events

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Serve it Right