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Picasso's Pals

Picasso’s Pals is an artistic platform for the members to enjoy art under skillful instructors. Through the art-making process, members explore various artistic expressions. They also have the opportunity to share their art-making process during the CCA Selection Day 2021.

This year, the students embark on producing a video using the puppets they create. They make and dress their puppets, create a stage and props based on the script and narrate it with songs and music. They will also learn to do pastel art.


 All face to face CCA is suspended till 23rd July.

Please take note that NO HARD COPY of training schedule will be given anymore.
Please visit the school website: for training schedules.


Ms Esther Joy 
 Mdm Anparasi Velalar


  • Participated in SYF 2019 exhibition
  • Participated in SYF 2017 exhibition

Programme highlights/updates

SYF Arts 2021
PAM 2021


Art Room 1 & 2

Photo Gallery

Attentive Learners@String Art.04.jpg

Coaching by instructor.
2021_Creating the puppet.jpg

Creating the puppet
 Shadow box 01.JPG

Shadow box
 2021_Our Shadow Box Creation.JPG

Our Shadow Box Creation
Confidently sharing the printmaking process with Mr Wong..PNG

Confidently sharing the printmaking process with Mr Wong.
Focus work of excellence.jpg

Focus work of excellence

 2021_Making the costume for the puppet.JPG

Making the costume for the puppet