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Picasso's Pals

Picasso’s Pals is an artistic platform for the members to enjoy art under skilful instructors. Through the art-making process, members explore various artistic expressions. They also have the opportunity to share their art-making process during the CCA Selection Day 2022.

MCCA students will be embarking on learning Pastel Art using different types of colouring methods. They will be learning how to blend two different colours when colouring still life artwork and create their own version of animal art with contrast background. This will include learning of Fabric Painting where they will learn how to colour using water colour and merge colours to get the effect they want.





MCCA Picasso Pals



Please take note that NO HARD COPY of training schedule will be given anymore.
Please visit the school website: for training schedules.


Ms Esther Joy 
 Mdm Anparasi Velalar


  • Participated in SYF 2019 exhibition
  • Participated in SYF 2017 exhibition

Programme highlights/updates for 2022

Display of Art work 


Art Room 1 & 2

Photo Gallery

Pastel Art 1_Look at my master picece.jpg

Pastel Art 1_Look at my master piece
Pastel Art 2_Do you like my horse.jpg

Pastel Art 2_Do you like my horse
 Pastel Art 4_I have completed my work.jpg

Pastel Art 3_I have completed my work
 Pastel Art 5_Listening and learning.jpg

Pastel Art 4_Listening and learning
Still Life 1_I am learning to blend colours.jpg

Still Life 1_I am learning to blend colours
Still life 2_Blending colours.jpg

Still life 2_Blending colours
 Still Life 3_Learning from Professionals.jpg

Still Life 3_Learning from Professionals
Still Life 4_I am learning to colour.jpg

Still Life 4_I am learning to colour
 Still Life 5_Cleaning cryon to get better effect.jpg

Still Life 5_Cleaning crayon to get better effect
 Still Life 6_Focus.jpg

Still Life 6_Focus