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International Dance Club

International Dance Club is set up since 2011. The aim of the club is to train pupils to be proficient in their basic dance steps and tumbling skills. Besides that, we hope our members will be able to develop self-discipline, good teamwork, confidence and perseverance through dance. 

CCA Schedule




Primary 3 to Primary 6




International Dance Term 4  CCA Training schedule-page-001.jpg
Please take note that NO HARD COPY of training schedule will be given anymore.
Please visit the school website: for training schedules.

Programme Highlights/Updates for 2019

Currently, we are preparing our boys for these upcoming events:
Founder’s Day – April
St Gabriel Foundation Concert – June
PAM Night – August

Achievements FOR 2018

2018SYF Certificate of Distinction

April – Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation Certificate of Distinction
June – VIA – Dance Extravagance at Bukit Panjang Plaza
August – National Day
November – Prize Giving Day


NameEmail / DID
Mrs Lee Yoke Leng / 65171601
Ms Madeline
 Mdm Celest Phang
Mrs Suguna Sampath 

CCA Events

Singapore Youth Festival 2018SYF is organised by the Ministry of Education to celebrate the vitality of our youth and their diverse arts talents.

The SYF objectives are

·         to support nation-building and develop cultural awareness and appreciation through aesthetics education;

·         to serve as a platform for the development of character, 21st-century competencies and social-emotional learning through the arts;

·         to encourage mass participation in arts co-curricular activities (CCAs) in schools where students enjoy the arts as CCA members or as audience members at performances and exhibitions; and

·         to celebrate youth vitality through the showcasing of diverse artistic talents and creativity. 

MJS International Dance Club is glad to announce that we will be participating in the SYF – Dance. Please keep a lookout for the actual date of our performance at UCC Hall at NUS.

Photo Gallery

Ending pose for the 102nd Montfort Schools' Founder's Day
2019_S1_01_End 102.jpg

Showcasing their SYF item at Bukit Panjang Plaza during Dance Extravagance
2019_S1_02_Showcasing their SYF item at Bukit Panjang Plaza during Dance Extravagance.jpg

MJS National Day celebration performance

2019_S1_03_MJS National Day celebration performance.jpg

All ready for their SYF Arts Presentation 2018!
2019_S1_04_All ready for their SYF Arts Presentation 2018!.jpg
Our supporters! 
2019_S1_05_Our supporters!.jpg


101st Founder’s Day Presenting as One Montfort a medley of dances collaborating with their seniors from MSS Dance.
Founders day.jpg

PAM Night
PAM Night2.jpg

Performance at the SYF Celebrations at the Malls - Causeway Point
SYF Arts Presentation @ Causeway Point.jpg