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Football is one of Montfort Junior School niche sports CCA and is a popular CCA. The football CCA comprises of the School Team and the developmental team (primary 1 to 4) for competitive and recreational play.

The School Team is fortunate to have collaboration with FC Barcelona Singapore Academy, where experienced coaches provide well-planned training programs. Being inclusive is one of the aim of the football team, where opportunities are given to both competitive players and non-competitive players to participate in friendly games and competitions. Training program is also value-centric, such that students can have a holistic learning experience while enjoying the sport.


 All face to face CCA is suspended till 23rd July.

Please take note that NO HARD COPY of training schedule will be given anymore.
Please visit the school website: for training schedules.


Mr Muhd Taufiq
Mr Tan Chun
Mr Mohd Khairul

Mr Shaiful Nizam (Coach)
 Mr Azlana Lipah (Coach)

Programme highlights/updates for 2020

Both teams are currently playing in the North Zone (Senior) and Nationals (Junior) Football tournaments.

North Zone/national Tournament

Students to apply the technical and tactical skills that they have learnt into friendly games and competitions.
Students to learn and apply the CHRISTE values during training sessions and games.


DivisionNorth Zone
Senior2nd Runners-Up

Awards /  Achievements (2018)

DivisionNorth Zone
Junior3rd Runners-Up


Close control.jpg

Close control
Focus on the ball.jpeg

Focus on the ball
This is the way we dribble.jpg

This is the way we dribble