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Boys Centric Education

Boy-Centric Education (BCE) is the Teaching and Learning framework of MJS. Our teachers are skilled to know the boys – our learners, and we aim to provide a fun-enriching learning experience for them. 

We design our lessons aligned to brain-based learning theories to suit the needs of an all-boys education. 

Our BCE Structured lessons include:
    • Social Interaction (collaborative / cooperative)
    • Visual learning, Relevance of literary material
    • Single task focus, Structured sessions
    • Student ownership, Modelling/demo
    • Technology integration
    • Kinaesthetic learning
    • Arts integration
    • Interim projects
    • Write-to-learn / practices
    • Music/Movement/Breaks
    • Challenges/Competitions
    • Self-regulation strategies
    • Routines/rituals.
Some highlights of our MJS BCE programmes
    • LEGO for Writing
    • Computational Coding
    • Makers’ Programme
    • Sphero
    • Augmented Reality Art
    • 3D-Doodle creations


Boys dressed up as their favourite storybook character.JPG

Boys dressed up as their favorite storybook character
Boys Love Challenges.JPG

Boys Love Challenges
Its fun learning.JPG

It's fun learning

The Joy of learning.JPG

The Joy of learning