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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Anchoring on a Future Centric, Values Centric and Boys Centric education, Montfort Junior School (MJS) has identified ourselves with Maker Education as our primary Applied Learning Programme (ALP).   

In our Maker Education, we integrate and infuse elements of Making into the core Teaching and Learning of lessons and provide opportunities to extend learning to outside curriculum time. These activities allow students to acquire emerging technological content while developing 21st cc competencies. Our CHRISTE values and these competencies, embody the desired vision/mission of our Montfort Education - to nuture(groom) a man for others.   

MJS was instituted Zonal Lead school for North Zone Primary School by ETD, MOE in 2019, providing additional resources for MJS to enhance Maker Education@MJS.   

Structured Programmes: 
•      Construction with Strawbees 
•      Design Thinking and Cardboard Modeling 
•      Design Thinking and Makey Makey Integrated Music Making 
•      Interactive Microbit Coded Artwork   

Unstructured Play: 
Thematic Recess Play@Tinkershop 
Lego room recess 
Play Marble machine recess Play

Lego room activity 1.JPG
Lego room activity 2.JPG
Marble machine 1.JPG
Marble machine 2.JPG
 tinkershop recess activity 2.JPG tinkershop recess activity1.JPG