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The Art and Music curriculum in MJS takes a student-centric approach.

The Arts curriculum aims to help students develop an appreciation of the Arts, so that they can observe and perceive their world with increased awareness and aesthetics sensitivity.  Our Art programmes are anchored in Inquiry-based Learning pedagogy, which revolve around 3 Big ideas :– The World and Place around us, Singapore Past, Present and Future, and Self and Immediate Environment.  The main focus of our art lessons is on art making and art appreciation.  These experiences will develop the students’ creative and critical thinking skills while exploring artistic expressions of self, social and culture. Acquiring knowledge and skills of appreciating the Arts also enhances the development of values and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies. 

The Music curriculum is based on the ECAR framework- “Experience”, “Conceptualize”, “Application” and “Reflection”.  The main focus of our music lessons are on skills for performing, listening and creating through movement & singing, the playing of instruments such as Ukulele (P2-P3), Guitar (P4-P5) and Digital Technology (P6). Assessment is mainly carried out through reflection worksheets and assessment rubrics.

The Aesthetics Department has infused Makers education into the curriculum. The P5 combined music and art lessons are based on the Design Thinking concept using MakeyMakey. The P6 students used their coding skills in Microbits, acquired during their Computation Thinking programme, to create an interactive toy.

Our biennial MJS PAM (PE, Aesthetics, Makers) Night is a celebration of the pupils’ creativity and talents. The students participate in music performances, art and makers exhibitions. For PE, the students showcase what they have learnt in their curriculum.


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