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At Montfort Junior School, we nurture each individual to realise his potential and become a “Man for Others” through the inculcation of Montfortian Values and spirituality. By holistically nurturing our pupils to become 21st century citizen, we aim to bring forth ‘gentleman’, ‘sportsmen’, ‘leaders’ and ‘scholars’ into society. The school has defined gentlemanly traits as possessing disciplined behaviour and aesthetics appreciation. 

The Arts education in MJS believes in an inclusive education for all pupils. It seeks to holistically nurture our pupils through exposure to the various forms of arts via excursions and life experiences. We aim to help pupils develop an appreciation of the Arts, so that they can observe and perceive their world with increased awareness and aesthetics sensitivity. These experiences also develop pupils’ creative and critical thinking skills while exploring artistic expressions of self, social and culture. Acquiring knowledge and skills by participating and being reflective in the Arts also underpin the development of values, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies and the key 21st Century Competencies.

The art and music curriculum in MJS takes a student-centric approach and is mainly structured according to the ECAR framework- “Experience”, “Conceptualize”, “Application” and “Reflection”. The art programmes, which revolve around four themes – Nature, Cultural Identify, Self- Identify and Imagination & Ideas, are focused on art-making and art appreciation. The music programmes focused on skills for performing, listening and creating through movement & singing, the playing of instrument and technology. Assessment is mainly carried out through reflection worksheets and assessment rubrics.
The MJS Aesthetics Week / PAM Night is a celebration of the pupils’ creativity and talents. The pupils participate in inter-class art and music competitions, the MJS Talent Search competition, and other fringe activities. Other aesthetics programmes, which the pupils are exposed to, include excursions and learning journeys to the museums and other places.