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Timothy Goh

Timothy Goh.jpgWhen I first came to Montfort Junior, I was a little shy. I did not know my classmates and school was an unfamiliar place. But slowly I learned to be not so shy.  

The friends I made in Montfort Junior were very friendly.  They told me not to be so afraid. Now, I look forward to playing badminton with them during recess every school day.  

My teachers also encouraged me to not be afraid to speak up and answer questions, especially my Art teacher, Mdm Loh.  

I met many different people in school, some whom I got along with very easily, some not so easily. But my family, friends and teachers helped to remind me to be a kind, responsible and sensible boy. My teachers also taught me to help take care of other classmates.  

Now, I’m no longer so shy. I enjoy my time in school, helping my teachers and I love playing and learning with my classmates at Montfort Junior School.    

Timothy Goh
P2 Respect (2020)