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Shawn Tan

Shawn.jpgI used to find it difficult to concentrate in class. My daily trainings with the National Taekwondo team often took a toll on me and I would be tired during lessons the next day. I wanted to do well in class and for Taekwondo but I just did not know how to manage both. My teachers had to call my father a couple of times. Both my father and teacher often reprimanded me for not doing well in my class work.

Some things changed this year. Whenever I got tired and restless, my teacher would take me aside and check on me. She would ask how my training sessions went and if I needed help to manage my school work. My teacher also reminded me that I should put in the same amount of discipline in my school work as I put in my Taekwondo practice. She reassured me that I was capable of managing both well if I put my mind to it.  

As months passed, I began to see a change in myself. I became more alert during lessons and was able to participate more actively. Since my teacher was very supportive of me, I approached her for extra lessons during recess and after school. My hard work paid off when I received my SA2 results – I had improved a lot!

My teacher and father were extremely proud of me. So was I! I now truly believe that I am capable of achieving more when I put my mind to it.  

Shawn Tan
4 Compassion (2018)