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Raymond Yap

I used to misbehave in class and was inattentive during lessons.  At the beginning of 2018, things were not any different.  I would talk to my partner during lessons and this would result in my classmates, especially my partner being distracted.  My teachers would reprimand me and would inform my mother of my misbehaviour. My mother would then scold me. 

In Primary 5, the subjects were more difficult and understanding of the lessons taught required effort and attentiveness.  Due to my inattentiveness, my results naturally plunged by mid-year.  My teachers called me aside and had a good talk with me.  They told me that I needed to change my attitude in order to improve my studies.  They told me that they had high hopes and expectations of me and that I was not performing up to my potential.  That conversation struck me deeply. I decided to change.  I paid attention during my lessons. I did not talk to my classmates when my teachers were teaching. 

It was not easy but I tried my best to focus.  My teachers helped me further by allocating my seat nearer to the front.  My teachers praised me for being more focussed during lessons. I liked that. I continued being attentive in class.

My efforts paid off. I eventually did better in my English Language, Mathematics and Science during SA2.  I felt happy that I had improved both academically and as a person. I would continue to work harder, to further improve my behaviour and live up to my school motto ‘Age Quod Agis’!  

Raymond Yap
P5 Humility (2018)