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Princeton Toh

PRINCETON   I joined MJS when I was in Primary 2. I was a timid little boy, trying to conform to the new environment.  I was lost and needed time to adapt. As the days went by, I slowly understood the Montfortian traditions and what it meant to be a Montfortian. I remembered Primary 2 as an enjoyable year as I got to see new faces, make new friends and learn about a new environment. The school slowly eased me in and took their time to nurture a new thought process in me, like the mission sought by our founder, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, to be a Man for Others.  

In Primary 3, my teacher taught us how to manage our time so that we would not be excessively stressed. I also became less introverted and by the end of Primary 3, almost everyone in class were my friends.   In Primary 4, I was selected to be a budding prefect. Besides learning how to lead, I also learnt about service and being a servant-leader.     

In Primary 5, I led a team of prefects in a project called the “Friends of Singa”. I felt that everyone should be respected despite their rank or social status and thus, our objective was to raise awareness of the cleaners in our school. Because of this project, I had the honour of speaking to and shaking PM Mr Lee Hsien Long’s hand. I was also featured in The Straits Times. Primary 6 was a stressful year for me.  I am truly appreciative of the teachers who put in their effort to help us in preparation for the PSLE.  

Overall, being a Montfortian has enriched me in a myriad of things. Not only did I learn a lot in terms of academics, but more importantly, I also learnt how to be a Man for Others. Montfort has taught me how to be a better person, in both my academic and non-academic endeavours, to be a Montfortian leader, gentleman and scholar. I would like to thank the teachers for providing me with the opportunity to become a leader and also to augment my knowledge. Furthermore, inspiring me to strive for the best, to never settle and be the best version of myself. I could not be where I am today without them. I am sincerely proud to be a Montfortian and as my Principal used to say, once a Montfortian, always a Montfortian.  

Princeton Toh
P6 Compassion (2017)