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I have been learning Tamil since Primary 1 but I hardly spoke the language. As a result, I did not do well in Tamil. Feeling shy, I usually kept quiet in class. Even during pledge-taking in Tamil, I just opened my mouth and pretended to recite the pledge. I was worried that that my classmates beside me would hear my poor pronunciation and laugh at me.  

This went on until I was in Primary 4. One morning, my Tamil teacher saw me not reciting the pledge in Tamil. She told me to learn it well and recite it to her in class. She said that I had to start speaking in Tamil in school and at home. If I did not, I would be placed in Foundation Tamil the next year. I was very scared. I put in tremendous effort and determination to learn the pledge in Tamil. I practised it every night after dinner. I did well in class. My teacher and classmates were very impressed. My teacher praised me for learning it so well in a short period. I became more confident and motivated to learn Tamil. That was my turning point.  

Through my parents’ and teacher’s unwavering support, I managed to stay in Standard Tamil. My teacher took note of the areas I was weak in and guided me on how to improve them. At home, I would consciously speak to my parents’ in Tamil. During my preliminary examination, I almost passed my Tamil examination. I was very happy. One small step at a time.  

6 Humility (2018)