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Muhd Azwar

Azwar.JPGI used to do badly in all my subjects in P1 and P2. I felt lousy and I thought I was not clever. When I did not understand, I did not dare ask for help. I did not dare answer questions in class as I thought my answers were not good enough and everyone would laugh at me. I was shy and hardly spoke in class. My parents were worried about me.

Things changed when I went to the mastery class in Primary 3 and 4. It was a small class. Everyone was like me, struggling in their studies. However, we were lucky that because of the small class size, we had more attention from the teachers. Our English teacher encouraged us to speak, share our views and ask questions. I slowly became more confident. She taught us grammar and vocabulary using pictures and videos. I could understand her lessons. My Math teacher taught us the concepts with simple diagrams and models. She would repeat the steps until I understood. My Science teacher encouraged me to rephrase my answers using scientific terms. It was difficult at first but she told me to keep trying. I got it. Slowly.

At the end of Primary 3, not only did I become more confident, my behaviour improved too. I received the Excellence in Character award. I was also first in class. I was very happy when I walked up the stage with my mother to receive my two awards! This made me more motivated to continue doing my best in class.  

My parents and teachers appreciate my efforts.  My classmates look up to me as a role model. I am surely a more confident boy now.  

Muhammad Azwar Bin Anwar Ali
4 Integrity (2018)