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Kenneth Soetanto

Kenneth.jpgI used to become nervous whenever I was allocated a new class. Although I am a prefect, I still had my concerns and worries. I was worried about not being able to cope with my duty as a prefect, my school work and having to make new friends.  

However, this year something changed. I realised that I was already in Primary 5 and needed to be more independent and responsible for myself. I would be sad and scared when faced with new challenges but over time, I saw that every one of my peers was also facing the same problems as I did. As a prefect, I had to somehow get over my anxieties and lead by example. I had to be a role model for them.  

Slowly, I got out of ‘my shell’ and was ready to face new challenges. I had my parents and teachers’ support and guidance. I overcame negative thoughts and moved forward to face my fears. Now, I am no longer timid.  

My teachers have been making sure that I stay focused in my studies. With opportunities given to me to lead and praises showered on me when I do my best, I am now a confident young Montfortian ready to be a ‘Man for Others’.  

Kenneth Edbert Soetanto
5 Respect (2018)