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Kabilan Ramesh

I used to be very nervous when talking to an audience, even to teachers. Whenever a teacher called out my name, I would freeze. I could not speak coherently and it was almost difficult to comprehend what I tried to say. Over the years, I have tried hard to overcome this challenge of mine with the help of my teachers and family.

Frequently, I would volunteer to read aloud in class to improve my reading skills. My teachers and friends helped me by giving constructive feedback and I sharpened my oral skills as time went by.

2019 marked a turning point for me.  As a prefect, I had the opportunity to lead the school in reciting the National Pledge in Tamil. After several rounds of reciting the pledge in front of the whole school, I realised that I was less nervous when I needed to speak to an audience, especially to the teachers.

Now I am in Primary 6. I am more confident when speaking to an audience. As the school’s Head Prefect, I am also able to lead the school’s prefectorial team with ease.

I am thankful to my teachers for always supporting and guiding me to become the Montfortian I am today.  

Kabilan Ramesh
P6 Compassion (2020)