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Ian Michael

In 2017, I had a rare illness associated with my nervous system. It caused my hands to shake uncontrollably.  I had to skip school for almost half a year as I was ill and tired most of the time. Medications did not work and all I could do was pray for God’s healing.

Praise God that I recovered towards the middle of Term 4 and, obviously, I did not do well at the year-end examination. However, I did not give up and persevered. During the December holidays, I revised and caught up with whatever I had missed in the earlier part of the year.

This year (2018), I am so happy that I can attend school like my friends. Despite having to leave my Johor Bahru home around 4 a.m. every morning and shuttle between Montfort Junior School and Johor daily, I am not complaining at all. I am just glad to attend school. On most days, I only get home around 5pm after supplementary classes in school if the traffic conditions at both customs are good.

Despite shuttling tirelessly between Malaysia and Singapore daily, I am meticulous in completing my homework. I make sure I hand in my work promptly and take pride in my work. I always try my very best regardless of any obstacles I may face in life. My teachers often cite me as a role model for resilience in class. I believe I have lived up to our school motto ‘Age Quod Agis’.  

P6 Respect (2018)