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Hansel Loh

I used to walk around and cracked jokes in class. I guessed I was just bored. I thought by adding a humorous remark in the middle of the lesson would make it more exciting. I wanted to be funny and popular. I wanted my classmates to like me. It did not happen. My teacher was annoyed and she called my parents many times.  

One day, during recess my teacher came to the canteen and sat beside me. She explained to me how my behaviour was disrupting the lessons and irritating everyone. I understood that my teacher cared about me and she wanted me to be a well-behaved boy.  

I started making small changes. I stopped walking around the classroom. My teacher praised me and I was happy.  Gradually, I stopped cracking jokes during lessons. It was not easy.  

I was very proud of myself when my teacher called my parents and told them that I was very attentive in class. Now, my classmates asked me to join them when they are playing during recess. I like coming to school.  

Hansel Gabriel Loh Zhong Xi
P3 Humility (2020)