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Desmond Tan

I used to be a very shy and quiet boy in P1. I was afraid to speak to my classmates and teachers because I could not speak English properly. I had to join the Learning Support Programme (LSP) as I could not read many English words. Slowly, I improved over the year with Mrs Dhana Raj and Mrs Karuna’s guidance and support.  

Now in Primary 2, I talk to my friends and teachers in English and am not afraid of making mistakes. I also make sure that I pay attention to Mrs Karuna when she teaches me so that I can improve my English. My reading has improved and I have learnt to read with expression!  

I used to be afraid to look at my teachers when I speak to them but now I do not have that problem. I even sang and danced at the Breakfast Appreciation session for parents on 9 November 2018.  I would not have dared to dance in front of so many people before.  

I am happy with myself for becoming a more confident boy.    

Desmond Tan Jun Yu
2 Humility (2018)