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Asim.jpgWhen I first came to school, I did not know anything about primary school life. I also could not read very well. I was noisy with some of my friends, but with my teachers, I was very quiet and shy. I did not like to answer questions. I would get really nervous and cry when I was asked to answer questions in class.

However, I slowly started to change. I became more active and confident in answering questions in class. Sometimes, I was even the fastest to answer certain Mathematics questions. I started to understand what was expected of me in school. My friends, family and teachers helped me. They taught me what I should or should not do in school. My classmates were friendly. We would play catching during recess, but we would not play rough.  

I did cry occasionally, but my friends and teachers would comfort me. They told me to just do my best. Mrs Raj helped me with my reading and Ms Tan helped me with my word problems. Soon, my friends and teachers noticed the improvements I had made. They were proud of me.

Now, at the end of Primary 2, I feel happy about myself. My English has improved. I feel much better about myself and I have more friends now. I am able to share jokes with my classmates, and I don’t cry so easily anymore. I have more confidence to ask questions and answer them too.  

I am looking forward to Primary 3, I feel a little nervous, as I will be in a new environment, but I know that it will be O.K. as I am bolder. I will keep trying to improve on myself, and with my friends, family and teachers to help me, I will be alright.  

2 Respect (2018)