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Ariel Aiman

I was an introvert when I entered MJS in Primary 1. It was a whole new world – very much different from kindergarten. I used to sit in class, quietly in my own corner, observing my peers talking to one other.

I did not like being called on in class. My heart used to skip a beat when a teacher called my name. One of my teachers noticed this about me. Filled with concern, she talked to me and coaxed me to speak up in class confidently. Over the months, I mustered all my courage and started to give speaking in class and to an audience a chance. I realized that it was not too bad.  Over the years, I began to love public speaking.   

I have been given many opportunities to be the emcee for school events in the last 5 years. I am also a member of our school debate team. Now I am in Primary 6. I am no longer the quiet boy who used to sit alone in his corner hoping not to be called up by his teachers. In fact, I now help my peers with their speaking and reading skills.      

I will always be thankful to MJS for shaping me to be the person I am today. Confident, Caring and Gracious.       

Ariel Aiman 
6 Compassion (2020)