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Angus Chin

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I can still remember the time when I had just set foot into the school’s compound. I was an extremely shy and timid boy who did not like to mix around with others. I was an introvert. With the encouragement from my teachers and those around me in class, I started making more friends over the years.   

When I was in Primary 5, I could not perform as well as I wanted to. I was extremely demoralised and felt like giving up. I could not handle the stress anymore. One of my teachers noticed that and actually spoke to me, giving me great advice on coping with pressure and having a positive outlook.   

With the support of my teachers and friends, I managed to overcome those obstacles and obtain good results in Primary 6. Over the 6 years, I have had many opportunities to develop my potential and I am thankful to be a Montfortian.   

Angus Chin 

6 Compassion (2018)