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P4 Teachers

Name & Email Personal Statement On The Philosophy Of Education
Ms Sim Ai Koon
Believe in yourself.
Mrs Uma Sandiran
He must first practise what he preaches...begin by doing and then by teaching.
Mdm Celest Phang
Always look on the bright side of life.
Mr Mohd Khairul
People may not have faith in you, what's important is that you continue to have faith in yourself.
Mr Mohd Fazrudin
There is no such thing as failure; it's just another step to success.
Mrs Amy Khoo
Faith in God means trusting his timing too.
Mr Ignatius Lee
Do small things with great love.
Mr John Soo Huat
Time is the one thing we all have in common, but it is also the one thing that we all use differently.
Mdm Anparasi Velalar Murugiam
Rain is grace; without rain, there would be no life. So be the Rain in someone's life.
Mr Muhd Taufiq
Be Kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it Beautifies it.