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P4 Teachers

Class Name Email Address  Personal Statement On The Philosophy Of Education
4 Compassion Miss Sim Ai Koon I believe in myself that I can do it.
Mrs Uma Sandiran Every child is unique and has a talent. I must make the effort to see the potential in each child as well as provide him a conducive environment 
where he will be motivated to discover his talent and realise his potential.
4 Humility Mdm Phang Sin Yee Celest Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.
Mr Mohd Khairul Riduan Bon Mohd Sarip Education is not the mere act of imparting knowledge to pupils. We have to also educate them on how they could utilise what they have learnt and become useful members of and for society.
4 Respect Mr Mohd Fazrudin Bin Mohd Roslan's no such thing as failure in anybody's life; it's just another step to success.
Mdm Koh Aik Hoon (Mrs Amy Khoo) I believe in active learning and challenging each child according to their ability.
4 Integrity Mr Ignatius Lee child is capable of learning with guidance and motivation.
Mr Tan Soo Huat John

Mdm Anparasi d/o Velalar Murugian