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P4 Teachers

Class Name Email Address  Personal Statement On The Philosophy Of Education
4 Compassion Mdm Siti Nur Hajar Bte Abdul Rahman Every child is special and different from one another. With support from parents, teachers and the community, every child will be able to excel
in his own areas of strengths and potential.
Mdm Ngo Seoh Chwee There is no failure in education. It is whether you can bring positive changes to the person you teach.
4 Humility Mr Jason Goh Swee Teck Learning can happen anywhere, anytime, alone or with someone.
Miss Serene Han Tui Kin We teach who we are.
4 Respect Miss Sim Ai Koon+ I believe in myself that I can do it.
Mdm Lim Lie Geck Challenges in life helps a person to grow.
4 Integrity Mdm Lalita Devi Singh I provide a safe environment where pupils can share ideas and I motivate them to reach their full potential both in academics and character building.
Mdm Koh Aik Hoon (Mrs Amy Khoo) I believe in active learning and challenging each child according to their ability
Mrs Lau Kee Haw Every child learns at his own pace.