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P3 Teachers

Class Name Email Address  Personal Statement On The Philosophy Of Education
3 Compassion Mrs Tan-Tay Pei Long It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go as Long As You Do Not Stop. - Confucious
Mrs Uma Sandiran Every child is unique and has a talent. I must make the effort to see the potential in each child as well as provide him a conducive environment
where he will be motivated to discover his talent and realise his potential.
3 Humility Mdm Phang Sin Yee Celest Every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.
Mr Mohd Fazrudin Bin Mohd Roslan There's no such thing as failure in anybody's life; it's just another step to success.
3 Respect Mr Patrick Low Tong Mistakes are the greatest teachers, remember to learn from them.
Mr Muhd Nizam B Shahri The first step of education is to listen, then to be quiet & attentive, then to preserve it, then to put it into practice and then to spread it.
Miss Goh To Hwa The only failure is the failure to participate.
3 Integrity Mdm Sharifah Azizah Bte Syed Zainal Constantly evolving the methods I use to teach and engage students, alert to the changes in the 21st Century, and prepare students to be
"Glocal". Globally Ready and Locally Rooted.
Mr Zhane Tang Zhanke Creating an unforgettable learning experience for all students, content is readily available with just a click of the button, with google around, so
education today is not about imparting knowledge, but rather how we made the students feel, the process of learning is the key. How to teach and
get our students to love and enjoy the process of learning. Students will forget content, will forget your name, but they will never forget how they
felt during a particular teacher's lesson.
Mdm Chew Kim Kee Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he is born in another time.