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Allied Educators

Designation Name Email Address Personal Statement On The Philosophy Of Education
VP Ms Thien Li Chin All children can learn. Education is about igniting and sustaining the passion in each child to learn. Education is about equipping each child to
reflect from lessons learnt, to make wise decisions and to be a contributing and grateful person.
School Counsellor Mr Nicholas Khoo Aik Phong To empathize, nurture and empower each and every child to realise their full potential.
School Counsellor Mrs Patricia Teh (Mdm Huang) Education is the continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills to develop the attitude of the learner so that he becomes a contributing
member in the community he lives in.
AED (T & L) Mr Leong Kang Sun No child is left behind with discrimination.
AED (T & L) Mdm Desiree Goh Kai-Ling (Mrs Wong) To be educated is to be fully human.
AED (LBS) Mdm Fairoz Bte Atan "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." - Aristotle
AED (LBS) Mdm Iris Cheong Chui Feng Every student deserves the right to learn at his own pace without judgement or comparison with the rest.