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Montfort Junior Parents Connection

Montfort Junior Parents Connection (MJPC) comprises of a group of inclusive and passionate parents who come together as volunteers to support the school, achieve the goal of educating and developing our boys to be Men for Others.  

The MJPC EXCO team was formed to enhance communication between the parents and the school on matters related to their children. They will also lead other parent volunteers in helping out in school activities / events.  
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Parents’ involvement in school activities plays an essential part in the child’s overall development. It sends a positive signal of the parents’ love for the child and delivers the message to them that they are not alone. Consequently, it cultivates a positive mindset towards learning and increases their motivation in participating in the various school programmes and activities, resulting in their holistic development.

Regular Activities
In order to cater to the diverse needs and interests of the boys, MJPC helps out in the various schools’ activities throughout the year as follows:

  1. Library activities such as Reading, Movie watching, handicraft making and more.
  2. Tinker Room challenging activities that incorporates Design Thinking Approaches
  3. Marble Room and Lego Room activities to spark the creativity in building structures
  4. Digital Art Room activities to integrate technology with Art
  5. Learning Support Program to provide the personalized and customised support in selected subjects

Adhoc Activities
Other than the regular activities listed above, parent volunteers are also involved in other adhoc programs like school organized Learning Journeys, Swim Safer Programme, Kindergarten Outreach, National Education (NE) events and festive celebrations.

Other MJPC Initiatives

  • Caregivers Connect - An initiative by MJPC that enables an inclusive community where likeminded parents / caregivers connect with one other on a regular basis. This community acts as a catalyst and allows the parents / caregivers to connect and share experiences with one another. It also strives to provide support to parents / caregivers who might be facing challenges during their caregiving journey.   

  • Fathers’ Wing – A group of like-minded fathers coming together to support one another in becoming good role models to the boys. They organise bonding activities like futsal games, nature walks and outdoor camps not only to strengthen the father-son bonds but also to create the platforms for the boys to pick up and catch the values in actions from them during their interactions. The fathers would also conduct periodic sharing sessions to hear and learn from one another.   

Our Communication Channels

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time but they have the heart. So, if you would like to help us, with whatever resources you have; be it in school or from home, feel free to reach out to us.  

MJPC can be reached through many channels as follows:  
-      Access our Facebook link at  
-      Get in touch with us via your class chat groups  
-      Email us at  
-      Leave your contact details through the school’s General Office at 6510 1588 for us to get back to you  

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!