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St Gabriel's Foundation

Montfort Junior School is a government-aided Catholic school run by the Brothers of St. Gabriel. The Brothers of St. Gabriel linked their foundation to St. Louis Marie de Montfort (1673-1716) in France. In the course of his mission works, St. Louis Marie de Montfort established charitable schools for needy children. He entrusted this work to the early followers, from whom the group grew to be later known as the Brothers of St. Gabriel.

The St. Gabriel’s Foundation was incorporated by the Brothers of St. Gabriel in 2001 to take over the running of the various schools and Gabrielite institutions in both Singapore and Malaysia. The objectives of the St. Gabriel’s Foundation is to provide continuity to the Gabrielite mission of providing education, assisting its pupils to grow up as morally upright citizens, and to help its pupils who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

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