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Principal's Message

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Mr Wilbur Wong, Principal

Do you see the sparkle in their eyes? That’s a question that is constantly on our minds. It is the best way to check if students in Montfort Junior are engaged and enthused as they go about their daily lives in school. Our children spend a considerable amount of time in school and it is important that the school make full use of this to provide an enriched curriculum infused with our CHRISTE school values and help develop them to become “A Man For Others”.

In Montfort Junior, we frame our holistic curriculum under three guiding principles: value centric, boy centric and future centric.

Value Centric:

Montfort Junior has a 103-year history and being a Catholic School, we have adopted the values of our Founder, St Louis Marie De Montfort as our school values. The acronym CHRISTE sums up our values of Compassion, Humility, Respect, Integrity, Service, Team spirit and Excellence. We hold the belief that for any child to be developed to be A Man for Others, he must be anchored in values. This is why we make full use of every opportunity to bring in our school values and share with our students how these values can be practiced. We also make it a point to engage their parents to work in partnership with the school to inculcate these values. Together as a community, we work to build up our next generation to be useful members of society.

Boy Centric:

Being an all-boys institution, we structure our curriculum to cater to the learning preferences of our boys. This will mean the inclusion of time for experiential learning, elements of brain based learning, lots of group work and use of technology. Our programme offerings are also differentiated to meet the interests and needs of our boys. Boys do learn differently and we have tapped on research to guide us in offering a whole school environment that allows each boy to develop at his own pace.

Future Centric:

Our role is to prepare our boys for the future. In a fast changing and complex future, one can never be certain on what type of jobs will be available for our boys. However what we can be certain of is that our boys will need to be equipped with future-proof mindsets and skillsets that will serve them well for the future. We have a comprehensive 6-year programme that exposes all our students to Computational Thinking, Design Thinking principles and emerging technology. Through our Maker Education initiative, we also develop in our students the necessary mindsets such as resilience, be failure positive and to be innovative. We believe that through our programs, our boys will develop the confidence to take on whatever challenges that the future throws at them. We have a strong and vibrant school programme and we are constantly looking out for the sparkle in our student’s eyes. We look forward to greater parental engagement and we encourage all parents to take up the many invitations to be involved in our school’s programmes and to be a part of the Montfortian family.  

Age Quod Agis (Do Well In Whatever You Do)