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International Dance Club (backup)

International Dance is excited to participate in this year Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) once again. We will be focusing mainly on SYF for the first half of the year. You will be able to see the boys’ SYF performance during the Founder’s Day. In term 3, we will then begin Foundation Training for all members.

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8.10 – 9.40 am




Programme Highlights/Updates for 2018

We are currently participating in SYF which will take place in April and the boys are practising hard twice a week for this term. We will also be performing the SYF dance during Founder’s Day. 


In 2017, our International Dance pupils kicked off the year preparing for the school 101st Founder’s Day and MJS Open House, collaborating with their senior counterparts from Montfort Secondary School. Through this collaboration, the pupils forged new friendships and set higher benchmarks for their performing attitude and aptitude.

We were extremely delighted to be selected as one of the performing schools for Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2017 Celebrations @ Causeway Point. Setting foot out of the Montfort stage onto a bigger public stage, our pupils had a chance to display their talent and learn from many other participating schools.

PAM Night 2017 gave rise to an opportunity for our International Dance pupils collaborating with a group of young dancers from Nativity Church Kindergarten. 

2018SYF Certificate of Distinction


Mrs Lee Yoke Leng
Mdm Lim Eu Eu
 Mrs Alicia Chia

CCA Events


Body Conditioning

·         Building, strengthening and conditioning of physique

·         Educating the right muscle usage and increasing body awareness

·         Cultivate discipline through repetition of exercises and forming good habits

Dance Techniques

·         Application and understanding of muscles built in the conditioning process

·         Increase body awareness towards dance lines and form

·       Repetition of sets to build muscle memory and movement familiarity

Dance Choreography

·         Trains one to be a skilled and strong performer

·         Builds confidence leading up to competitions/performances/SYF

·          Builds teamwork

Photo Gallery

International Dance members posing for a shot before their performance on PAM Night. IMG_0598.JPG

Dab on while we are strong. 

Montfort Centennial Homecoming Dinner 19/11/16IMG_3585.JPG

MJS International Dancers watching SYF Street dance showcase.SYF Showcase LJ.jpg