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School Crest, Creed, Song

Our School Crest


Significance of the Symbols

The centrepiece of the school crest is the Coat of Arm, which has four quadrants.
The top-left quadrant has the letters A.M. with the lily flower that is an abbreviation for “Ave Maria.” This was the greeting of the Angel Gabriel to Mary, the mother of Jesus. This is also the beginning of the “Hail Mary” prayer. According to St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Wisdom can be attained through living a life of gentleness and authenticity, modelled after Mary the mother of God.
The bottom-right quadrant has the letters D+S with a cross. D.S. is the abbreviation for Dieu Seul, which is God Alone in French. God Alone is the all-motivating force in the life of St. Louis Marie de Montfort. To him God is the centre of his life and in everything he does God is foremost for him. For St. Louis Marie de Montfort, all knowledge comes to nothing if one does not know God. Thus to know all things but not to know God is to know nothing at all.
On the top-right quadrant there is the sailboat at sea. It symbolizes that in life there will be struggle and mortification that we shall experience. Much like the ship at sea, we will come out the better if we are able to weather through the storms of life. No problem is too great to overcome and it is in perseverance and resilience that one shall be able to face all difficulties in life.
On the bottom-left quadrant there is the Star and the man in the boat. This symbolizes the Star of the sea, where seamen navigate to their destination in the vast ocean. If we are focused on the essential values of life, we shall reach our ultimate destiny in life. The Star of the sea shall be the guiding light that lights up the way in our life.
The Crest is adorned with green olive branches, which is derived from Ancient Greece, to symbolize peace and prosperity. It is thus the duty of each one to promote peace in the world, a peace that will last. Coupled with peace is that of prosperity which connotes not only the generation of wealth but also the integral development of human society.
The Crest carries the Latin motto “Labor Omnia Vincit” which stands for “Labour conquers all things.” Hard work embodied in diligence and perseverance leads one to achieve greater things in life. It can thus be said that in whatever you do, do your best.  

Our Creed

Prayer to St. Louis Marie De Montfort
(Our Founder)

I will be a true Montfortian,
Faithful in my duties at all times,
Striving always for the highest standard in
behaviour, sports and academic performance

I will be a caring person, helpful to all especially 
to the poor, the weak and the disadvantaged.
I will have the courage to face and overcome all
difficulties and hardship and the wisdom to tell
right from wrong

I will uphold the School Motto, Age Quod Agis.
I will always be true and loyal to my Alma Mater
and my country.

School Song

"Song of the Brave"

All ye sons of Montfort School,
Ever grateful be and true,
To your Alma Mater dear,
For her loving care of you.

Keep your filial piety,
Burning bright your whole life through,
Ever jealous of her name,
Ever mindful of her claim.

Hark! Her bugle sounds aloud,
Rise her sons, and play your part,
With a song upon your lips and
a courage in your heart.

See! Her banner in the breeze,
Freely flutters high and smart!
Feel in you a surging pride,
When your Mater's colours ride

(Lyrics by Mr Teo Kah Leng, Music by Mr Chua Song Koo, MIDI by Tan Kah Yong ['96 4S1])