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Principal's Message

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From the Principal’s Desk

2016 saw Montfort Schools celebrating our centenary and it was heartening to see so many Montfortians, past and present coming together in the various events that were held. The coffee-table book that was produced to commemorate our centennial year brought back many memories for the ex-Montfortians but it also allowed our younger Montfortians to gain a better understanding of our schools history and the knowledge that the next chapter of the Montfort Story will be written by them.

The school continues to focus on our Boys Centric curriculum. We structure our curriculum to cater to the learning preferences of our boys. This will mean the inclusion of time for experiential learning, elements of brain based learning, lots of group work and use of technology. We will continue with our Computational Thinking program and will also start to develop a Makers Culture with the introduction of a TinkerShop@MJ. The Maker Culture emphasizes the philosophy of learning through doing in a social environment, and students are given opportunities to design and make projects. Through this, we develop Montfortians who are creative, dares to try and imbued with the value of resilience.

2017 will see the boys playing a stronger part in caring for their community. Beyond taking care of the school environment and looking after their peers, our students will also be reaching out to our community. We have started working closely with our new neighbour, the Thye Hwa Kwan Nursing Home and our boys will also be going out to serve our community partners in other projects. Through it all, we want to develop in our young Montfortians, a sense of responsibility and an understanding of their place in society. Our social programs will enable them to learn to contribute back to society and be a Man For Others.

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey and I wish you a Blessed year ahead. 

 Age Quod Agis

Mr Wilbur Wong