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Wushu Club

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Wushu is a fantastic CCA for holistic development whereby pupils can develop an understanding of the fundamental skills of Wushu and at the same time, achieve character development and personal growth in areas such as self-discipline, confidence, resilence and teamwork.

Over the years, our Wushu School Team had put up many performances during occasions such as Chinese New Year Celebrations and Founder’s Day. We also took part in the annual National Inter-Primary School Wushu Championships. We welcome you to join our Wushu CCA. Through our Enrichment Course, we aim to train and spot students with potential to perform during school and public celebrative occasions and to compete at the annual National Inter-Primary School Wushu Championships.


Mrs Bong Fui Lian, Shirleybong_fui_lian_shirley@moe.edu.sg
Miss Toh Peng Peng toh_peng_peng@moe.edu.sg 
 Mrs Karunapoongodi_chinniah@moe.edu.sg 

CCA Schedule 




Primary 1 and 2



Primary 3 to  Primary 6




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Programme highlights/updates for 2017

Chinese New Year Performance

National Wushu Championship in March

Wushu Belt grading

Awards / Achievements 2016

Wushu Team at 101th Founder’s Day
Wushu Team at National Primary Schools Wushu Championship
World Milk Day Performance
PAM night
Wushu at Punggol Community Sports Day
VIA programme at THK Nursing Home


MJS School Hall

CCA Event

Objective: National Primary Schools Wushu Championship 2017 20 March to 28 March 2017

Montfort Junior Wushu

12th National Primary School Wushu Championship 2016

Photo Gallery

Combined with MSS team
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Group Event 
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VIA at THK home
VIA at THK home.JPG
 World Milk Day Performance
World Milk Day Performance.JPG

Sengkang Community Sports Day
Seng Kang Community Sports Day.JPG

Individual Event
Individual Event.JPG